Grand Business plan developed a business plan for a convenience store chain. 

This plan also includes chapters on the business, offering and key benefits for customers, market focus and forecasts, sales and promotion plans, competitor analysis, a management team, and a detailed financial plan.

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Our initial statement to lenders, this business plan, is a candid disclosure of CNVN’s business proposal – we intend to set realistic business expectations and eliminate any questions about this new venture’s profitability. 

Total funding for new business will be €300,000 from a combination of owner investment of €222,000 and bank funding of 78,000. The main cost of start-up will be fixtures and fittings, inventory, equipment, and refrigerators. It is estimated that the total cost for refrigerators will be 90,000 euros, of which 78,000 euros will be funded through a bank loan. 


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