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Save time and Money for your business. For over ten years, Grand Business Plan has been helping Irish entrepreneurs and business people

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Place your request using our short online order form, which will provides us with the background information we need to begin the project.


Project proposal

Within 3 hours, an expert will contact you to discuss the particulars of your case. We will then prepare a detailed proposal covering our proposed approach, team, relevant experience, credentials, timing and fees.


Delivery of final report

Once we have reviewed your feedback and responded by making the necessary revisions, we will issue the final draft of your report.


Cash Flow Forecast

The financials in any business plan are critical, they can also be difficult to put together, very time-consuming.

Understanding how to present your business financials in a clear, organized way is a skill that takes time and practice.

Thankfully our team has written hundreds, even thousands, of cash flow documents for banks, investors, franchisors, and other VIPs.

Get your life back with a professional result, by asking our team to prepare your business plan.

Just ask for the Cash Flow Upgrade with your business plan.

Starter Business Plan

This plan is specially designed to help you explain your business professionally to a bank, franchisor.

It is perfect for situations where you need to accompany your application with a clear and concise overview of your business opportunity.

Typically 10 pages in length, the Starter Business Plan helps you get your business moving forward, and attract the funding or partners you need to launch.

Business Proposals

Sometimes you need to be able to communicate your business opportunity to an investor, or other VIP professionally.

So you need them to understand the ‘big picture’ view, so they gain trust in you as a business professional.

This is perfect for situations where you need to get a ‘foot in the door’, or professionally run a business meeting. Our services are flexible depending on your specific needs, so speak to our team today.

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